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Looking for a heart-pounding supernatural sci-fi thriller?

Supernatural sci-fi thrillers are one of the most popular genres of books around. They can transport readers to different worlds, introduce them to new characters, and teach them new things. Books like Blood Feather Awakens are perfect for readers who want to be transported to a world of suspense and excitement.

The story follows the journey of a young photographer named Sam as he attempts to uncover the secrets of a mysterious creature that frightened him. He is unsure what to expect, but he knows he must face his fears. Whatever this creature is, it has taken over his thoughts and consumed his life. To get answers, Sam sets out on a journey to find this supernatural predator and solve the mystery once and for all. With twists and turns around every corner, this book is sure to keep readers anxious. If you’re looking for a book that will chill you to the core, then choose Blood Feather Awakens.

A riveting supernatural sci-fi thriller

R WK Clark International Thriller Novelist
R WK Clark International Thriller Novelist

Of all the books I have penned, ‘Blood Feather Awakens’ was my favorite to write. This supernatural sci-fi thriller novel tells the story of Sam Daniels, a wildlife photographer who encounters a prehistoric bird while on assignment in the Amazon jungle.

As he photographed, he had no idea of the danger he was in. Further into the Amazon jungle, he feels as though he is being watched. A prehistoric bird, known as Blood Feather, lurked in the trees nearby.

Sam manages to snap a few grainy photographs of the creature before it flies off into the dense forest. Later, he takes to an ornithologist for identification at the University of Washington. The ornithologist, Dr. Kate Beck, was fascinated by the photos and convinced Sam to venture back into the jungle with her to find and hopefully capture the murderous creature.

Sam and the beautiful Dr. Kate Beck, accompanied by three guides, venture back to the jungle. However, they do not know that they are being tailed by a couple of fame-seeking paleontologists looking to get all the credit.

The Amazon jungle is a dark and hazardous place, teeming with all sorts of deadly creatures. But none are more dangerous than Blood Feather. The bottom line is that it’s a killer. A massive prehistoric bird that lives on flesh and blood and gets pleasure from hunting and chasing. It is meant to confuse and terrify, precisely what I designed it for. To be honest, this was the most fun for me. Writing about presumptuous humans scrambling around out of their element, trying to get the best out of nature’s perfect killing machine.

Blood Feather Awakens by R WK Clark
Blood Feather Awakens by R WK Clark

I wanted to make the time they spend in the jungle both horrifying, thanks to the evasive bird, and romantic, due to the blossoming romance between Kate and Sam. I also wanted it to be bloody because, let’s face it: If a massive prehistoric bird were to attack, well, it would be nothing but bloody.

I truly hope readers are as entertained by this supernatural sci-fi story as I was by writing it. I tried to keep it light and straightforward without compromising fear or blood. I also wanted to tell a story that would keep the reader turning pages. I think that those who read this fun and frightening story will appreciate it in the end for what I intended it to be.

An escape from reality within these pages of this spine-tingling supernatural sci-fi thriller.

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Blood Feather Awakens by R WK Clark
Blood Feather Awakens by R WK Clark
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Looking for a heart-pounding thriller to keep you up at night?

Supernatural sci-fi thrillers are the perfect way to get your adrenaline pumping. Blood Feather Awakens is sure to send chills down your spine. With bone-chilling suspense and edge-of-your-seat action, this is one book you won’t want to miss. Click the link above to Barnes & Noble or Amazon now.