International Thriller Novelist R WK Clark

R WK Clark International Thriller Novelist
R WK Clark International Thriller Novelist

R WK Clark is a versatile fiction novelist known for his ability to write about a wide range of subjects that are just on the fringe of what most people think of as reality. His love for various art forms has influenced and driven him to write several thriller books that offer something for everyone.

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R WK Clark has always been fascinated by the unusual and offbeat side of life. This fascination is what initially drove him to write as an author. Clark’s fiction books offer readers a glimpse into worlds that they would never normally experience. Whether it is a horror book about a serial killer or a tale that takes place in a zombie apocalypse, Clark’s stories are sure to captivate and entertain his readers.

Clark is known for his honesty and openness in communication. He believes that these qualities are crucial to maintaining lasting friendships and relationships. As a result, he often tends to wear his heart on his sleeve and is always willing to help others. However, he prefers to keep his circle of close friends small. He understands that not everyone can be trusted and that it is essential to choose friends wisely. This is likely due to the old saying that a person can count the number of true friends on one hand. By surrounding himself with a small group of trustworthy people, Clark ensures that he has the support he needs to maintain healthy and lasting relationships.

R WK Clark was born in Albuquerque, NM, on August 31, 1969. He is a Virgo. The most precious creations in his life are his son, Jon, and his daughter, Kim. Clark was exposed to a wide range of art and literature early on. His father was a professor that taught music and art. His mother was a dental assistant, and she loved literature. This combination would eventually prove instrumental in shaping his unique writing style.

Clark completed his first sci-fi novel in 2015, a thriller fiction based on aliens. He has never published any of his stories until then, although he has been writing since a young age. In Highschool, he studied art, where he developed a love for photography. After graduating, with a degree in network engineering, Clark spent 23 years running his small computer business in New Mexico.

He stockpiled his short stories and focused on his passion for photography in his spare time before eventually settling down in Florida to write full-time as a thriller novelist. R WK Clark’s love for photography has continued, and he currently owns his own photography gallery.

This Master Scuba Diver loves nature and traveling. Clark has logged dives in most of Florida’s springs, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and Costa Rica. An accomplished writer with thirty-eight published fiction books and counting, R WK Clark’s works offer a little something for everyone. His writing style is mainly thrillers, science fiction, and horror, with a touch of romance sprinkled into the narratives to keep it light.

R WK Clark resides in Central Florida with his fiancée and children. You can usually find him out on the water or writing in his home office. When he’s not writing or diving, you can find him creating art or spending time with his family, photographing wildlife. His love for the ocean led him to love sailing and diving. Since he was a child, Clark has dreamed of sailing across the Pacific Ocean. It’s an endless, fascinating expanse of water, flanked by several countries with rich cultures and diverse landscapes. The thought of setting out on his boat, navigating the waves, and discovering new places is immensely appealing to him.

He knows that it would be an incredible challenge that would push him to his limits and force him to rely on his resourcefulness. Of course, it’s not an easy undertaking. The Pacific is one of the world’s largest oceans, and many dangers come with sailing such a distance. But Clark is determined to make his dream a reality, and he hopes to set sail within the next few years.

Clark began to focus more intently on his writing career and completed his first science fiction thriller in 2015, Overtaken, a thriller fiction based on aliens. His first novel established him as a talented new voice in thriller fiction. Since then, he has published thirty-seven other thriller books.

While R WK Clark is best known for his thriller literature, he has also dabbled in other genres throughout his career. His supernatural and horror stories have been well-received by fans and critics alike. Clark’s writing style is highly visual, and he often includes intricate details that bring his scenes to life. He also has a talent for creating realistic and believable characters that readers can connect with. His fast-paced and suspenseful stories often keep readers’ anxiety on tilt.

Clark’s thriller novels have been praised for their strong characterization, fast-paced plotting, and unpretentious prose. He is a self-proclaimed “hardboiled” writer, and his work often deals with themes of crime and violence. However, he is also known for his sense of humor and ability to evoke pathos in his readers. His horror books have been praised for creating an atmosphere of unease and suspense.

Clark’s science fiction horrors are known for their breakneck pacing and non-stop action. His Thriller Dead in the Water has been praised for inventive worldbuilding and clever plot twists. This apocalyptic thriller is set in a world where an ocean vessel has succumbed to the risen dead.

R WK Clark’s love for psychological thrillers has pushed him to write five novels dealing with mental illness. These thriller books follow the stories of people who are pushed to the brink of sanity by outside forces. From sociopaths to psychopaths, each fiction book features a different type of antagonist. In his latest psychological fiction book, Retribution, Clark takes on the challenge of writing a medical crime thriller. This story is set in a small town where a young woman is haunted by her past.

Clark is a versatile writer who is always looking for new challenges. He has plans to write more thriller fiction novels in the near future. In addition to his writing career, Clark is also an accomplished photographer. His work has been featured in several publications, and he is the author of a photography book. As a result of his popularity, Clark has built a successful career as a full-time writer. He is currently hard at work on his next thriller novel. He also writes and posts new content regularly to his website and blog.

Clark’s fiction writing has been praised by critics and readers alike. He is an author who is not afraid to take risks, and his work is always fresh and original. His thriller novels are perfect for readers who are looking for something different. Look no further than R WK Clark if you’re looking for a new favorite author.

Press Biography

Robert WK Clark was born in Albuquerque, NM, in 1969, the son of Frank Clark and Angelina Garcia. He made his first professional fiction thriller book sale in 2015 on Amazon. In 1992, he began his computer company after graduating in network engineering. Clark spent the next 23 years running his small business serving New Mexico. Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to write short stories. In 2001, his son Jon was born, and he began to focus more on family time. In 2003, his beautiful daughter Kim came into his world.

In 2015 he changed his outlook on life, and he decided to pursue his dream of being a professional writer. After reviewing his stockpile of short stories he wrote over the years, he found one that was publishable. In the fall of 2015, he completed his first sci-fi thriller novel, Overtaken, which was independently self-published on Amazon KDP. He was thrilled to see his work in print and even more thrilled when he started getting positive feedback from readers.

He began submitting more stories and soon had a regular readership providing him the means to leave computers and write full-time. He has since published 38 thriller books and has become a successful writer. R WK Clark lives in New Mexico and Florida with his fiancée, businesswoman Hope Safford.

When not at his desk, he enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, photographing, or just relaxing with a good thriller book.